The Shark Cage Program for Young Women

‘I feel more confident now I am familiar with my rights’

The Shark Cage group program for adult women is well established in most regions in Australia. We are excited to hear that our newest program that was developed to empower young women, is now being delivered by our trained facilitators in several states.

Here is what Dee, the Service manger for YIRS, One Stop Youth Shop inc., had to say after the program ran at their service in Mackay in Queensland:

Mackay Women’s Service and YIRS One Stop Youth Shop Inc. delivered the Shark Cage program for the female youth in our community. 

There was a fabulous response from community services showing interest in the program.

This benefited both Mackay Women’s Service and YIRS with recognition in the community. 

The youth that attend the program gave positive feedback and were amazed at what they learned about themselves, relationships and legal issues.

The youth stated that they would recommend that their friends attend the program if it was offered in the future.

There has been continued interest from community services requesting that the program be delivered again in the near future.  One service being Act for Kids Kaylan Youth hostel.

Thank you for benefiting our female youth.

Here are some comments from young women who participated in the program:

‘Every session I learn something new about my rights’

‘I can use what I learnt when someone breaches my rights’

‘I learnt how to breathe & be in touch with my body’

‘I learnt that if you’re very drunk you cannot give consent’

‘I feel more confident now I am familiar with my rights’

‘I had a great time in the program, learn to live well and be happy!’

If you would like to find out how to become accredited to facilitate the Shark Cage Program for young women click here or give us a call on 0422 928 921.

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