Adult Women's Program

The Shark Cage® Group Program: A human rights approach to empowerment and healing for women who have experienced sexual assault or family violence.

The Shark Cage® Program for Adult Women

The Shark Cage® Program

This eight week evidence based program explores common types of abuse that women experience and how this abuse relates to violations in human rights. It is a manualised program that can be used in group or individual settings. This program is relevant for women who have experienced more than one instance of abuse in their lives and may have begun to internalise social messages of victim blaming.

The five steps in the framework are combined with key trauma and gender violence psycho-education to address the following eleven program objectives:

Increase knowledge of healthy & unhealthy relationships

Increase capacity to set boundaries

Increase skill in assertive communication

Increase awareness of the impacts of abuse

Decrease any feelings of self blame for abuse

Increase ability to for self care & kindness

Increase connection to feelings

Increase sense of self worth

Increase connection to body

Increase belief in entitlement to human rights

Increase ability to recognise a potentially abusive or exploitive person

Adult Women Clients Program

The adult Shark Cage® Program has resonated with professionals and their clients in a profound way. Shark Cage groups have run in most States and territories across Australia and are now being established in the United Kingdom. A copy of The Shark Cage Group Program Manual: A Human Rights Approach to Empowerment & Healing for Women who Have Experienced Sexual Assault or Family Violence is necessary for helping professionals who are planning to run a Shark Cage Group or who plan to do structured Shark Cage work with individual clients.

It is strongly recommended that professionals also complete the one day training. The Shark Cage: A practical framework for prevention and addressing re-victimisation for girls and women.

Ursula has been running groups for women for over twenty years. In this time, she gathered essential wisdom about how to structure group programs and develop processes and resources that support helping professionals to run successful programs. The Shark Cage Program is also informed by the voices of thousands of victims/survivors and attends to safety, connection and empowerment for participants.

What People Say

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