About the Shark Cage®

A Powerful 5 step framework to heal and empower.

The History of the Shark Cage® Framework

The Shark Cage Framework was developed by Melbourne psychologist, Ursula Benstead. The Five Step framework is a way of preventing, understanding and healing from violence against girls and women. It is based on the concept of Universal Human Rights and draws on a powerful metaphor and multiple psychological modalities for working in trauma informed ways to help women interrupt patterns of abuse in their lives and in ways that empower girls and women and challenge victim blaming.

Visual creation of the
Shark Cage® metaphor

The power of the framework is in its use of metaphor, storytelling, creative activities and trauma informed learning that comes full circle as participants re-create the metaphor by using pieces of art they have created together. Each group or individual client creates their own unique Shark Cage® wall mural.

About Shark Cage® Training for Professionals

The broad therapeutic approaches used in The Shark Cage® Framework are psychoeducation, cognitive behavioural therapy and skills training.

This training will benefit:

Generalist counsellors


Social Workers

Refuge Workers

Family Support Workers

Family Violence Case Managers

Support workers who work with young women

In five easy to follow steps, The Shark Cage® Framework shares the knowledge and tools to actively decrease the likelihood of repeated experiences with sexual or domestic violence.

Mission Statement

“Womens rights are human rights. Every woman deserves physical and sexual safety, freedom of movement and the right to be the author of her own life. The Shark Cage® Framework supports women to know their rights, heal and make empowered choices that build self awareness and self worth.

- Ursula Benstead
Shark Cage Foundational Training

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The Shark Cage® Groups and Trained Practitioners

Thousands of workers are using Shark Cage® interventions and Shark Cage® groups for women run in multiple locations across Australia.


Learn about the Shark Cage® Framework

Professionals who learn The Shark Cage® framework find themselves better equipped to help heal and empower women who have experienced repeated abuse.