The Shark Cage® framework is based on the concept of Universal Human Rights.

Learning about The Bill of Rights and reinforcing & strengthening their Shark Cages is empowering for girls and women of all ages. Here are examples of rights in each of the six categories of rights. Renovating the Shark Cage is Step 2 in the Five Step framework
Ursula Benstead

Meet the creator of
The Shark Cage® framework

Psychologist and Clinical Supervisor Ursula Benstead has 25 years of experience in the field of complex trauma, particularly in the areas of family/domestic violence and sexual assault.

As the author of The Shark Cage Group Program Manual and co-author of The Shark Cage Program For Young Women, Ursula has provided Shark Cage training in Australia and internationally to over 5000 professionals.

Ursula’s important and impactful framework is highly sought after to resource workers with tools to empower their clients

5 Steps

The Shark Cage® Framework

The 5 step framework is a way of preventing and understanding violence against girls and women. It draws on a powerful metaphor and multiple psychological modalities for working in trauma informed ways to empower girls and women.

Step 1: Introducing the Shark Cage Metaphor

Step 2: Renovating the Shark Cage

Step 3: Fixing the Shark Cage Alarm

Step 4: Defending the Shark Cage

Step 5: Recognizing Sharks and Dolphins

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The Shark Cage Framework
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A key resource for professionals

Use the animation to explore the concepts of Human Rights, Feminism, intersectionality and the Shark Cage® Framework with young women and the broader community

Learn about the Shark Cage® Framework

Research shows that women who have experienced early abuse in childhood are more likely to be re-victimised in later life. Access training so you can share strategies that will increase girls and women’s understanding of their rights and awareness of abusive and respectful behaviours.

The Shark Cage

For Organisations

Work with a leading trainer and empower your team to increase women’s understanding of their rights and awareness of abusive and respectful behaviours.

For Individuals

Have you experienced abuse in you life and find yourself struggling to understand why this has happened and how can you heal from the impacts? Do you want to learn how to recognise the difference between Sharks who violate your Human Rights & Dolphins who support your rights? Working with a professional trained in the Shark Cage or joining a Shark Cage group will empower you to create a life that puts you and your rights at the centre.

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The Shark Cage Metaphor

Find out why this simple but powerful metaphor has given thousands of  women a ‘lightbulb moment’ that has changed their lives.

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