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Self-help book coming by popular demand in 2021!

I first put pen to paper to write about The Shark Cage in the 2011 Psychotherapy In Australia article. I wrote the article for other professionals, struggling to make sense of the high rates of re-victimisation that women who experience abuse in their childhood often experience.

I hadn’t expected that ten years on I would have received thousands of emails from women who had experienced re-victimisation thanking me for the article. These women told me that The Shark Cage was the only explanation that helped them to understand they were not to blame for abuse experienced in their life.

Women want to know more about how to understand and minimise future abuse in their lives. Whilst understanding that social attitudes and structures that condone the control and abuse of women by men need to change for Shark numbers to decrease, women are passionate about doing what they can to be an agent of change in their own life.

Women are not able to influence a Shark’s behaviour, but they can become more skilled at recognising Sharks and the rights and boundaries that these men violate in subtle and not so subtle ways.

This book is written for the courageous women I have counselled and who have contacted asking for more guidance and tools for renovating their Shark Cage and recalibrating their Shark Cage alarm system.

Each chapter explores one of the five steps in the Shark Cage framework and activities for deepening new learnings and skills. My mission in writing this book was to make it as accessible to as many women as possible. It is an easy read, with an engaging fictional story arc, as we follow Casey through the five steps in the Shark Cage framework.


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