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How to Spot a Shark (2nd Edition)

A self-help book for women
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Five Steps to Healing from Abusive Relationships.

Hot off the press! A self-help book for women who have experienced abuse in their life. Ursula uses Casey's story to explain her powerful 5 Step Shark Cage Framework, which has helped thousands of women to build a better life for themselves.

Casey feels trapped in her relationship with a controlling and abusive partner. Desperate for help to sort through her conflicting feelings, she reaches out for professional support. As she unpacks her life story, Casey feels despair, shame and confusion about the many times she has been a target of abuse by men who were meant to love and protect her.

‘Is there something wrong with me? Do I have a sign on my forehead that says come and abuse me?’ are questions constantly echoing in her head.

HOW TO SPOT A SHARK answers these heartfelt questions, and helps you to understand past and present experiences of abuse in a way that is empowering and hopeful.
Join Casey on her journey away from control and abuse towards a stronger sense of self, firmly grounded in her right to safe and respectful relationships.


*Why you can never be to blame for someone’s abusive behaviour

*What your human rights are in relationships,

and how these rights may have been violated in the past

*How to know when your rights and boundaries are being threatened

*How to defend your rights and boundaries when it is safe to do so

*How to recognise Shark-like behaviours before a Shark becomes a part of your life

*How to recognise respectful and supportive Dolphin like behaviours

*How to tell the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship

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